A Take On My Job (Computing)

There's a story in the Bible where some guys are fishing. They haven't caught anything - which is bad, because these guys fish for a living. It's early in the morning, and they've been out all night. Then, Jesus comes along and tells them to cast their nets out again. To make a long story short, they catch lots of fish (Luke 5:4-11).

I was amazed at this story because at its conclusion Jesus calls them to follow him. One aspect of this tale that jumped out at me was that Jesus could have made them into super fishermen, but He didn't. He had other things in mind. I reckon it's not the fact that these guys left their jobs to follow Jesus that's of merit, it's that they answered His call.

I want to work as a fisherperson as if I'm working for Jesus Himself. I'm excited that His call away, when and if it comes, will be even better than if He made me into a super computer person.

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