Oh Brother (Friends and Acquaintances Part 2)

I love my brothers.

I have three younger brothers - Simon, David and Nathan - who I think are all the greatest.

Simey married a beautiful Korean woman named Sujin last year, and my wife Olivia, our son T.J. and I had the chance to be there for the monumental event. They're now living in Korea, and keep bugging us to visit again. Sime, we're working on it! One key thing I love about my bro is that he is so faithful to God. This is evidenced in the transformation he has undergone as he serves wherever he's called, and his dedication to his marriage. This may sound like flattery (it isn't), but I wish I could be more like him. Love you bro!

David and I are close in that I reckon we like the same sort of things. He's also a pretty private person, has a tight group of friends and is a hard worker. I often like to see myself in the same light. He's the only one of us not married. Love you Dave!

Nathan is the youngest. He and his wife Nic have a beautiful son called Isaiah who's about 8 months old. We get to spend more time together since he and his family moved back from Newcastle, New South Wales. I identify with him because he's my bro, but also because he's a dad trying to make it the best he can, and has a Christian faith that makes us more than genetic brothers. Love you bro!

Other people I know: Leigh.

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