My Son (Friends and Acquaintances, Part 3)

My son's name is Thomas Samuel Williams V. This name has been passed down from my great-grandfather (who I never knew) to my Grandpa ("Tom", who died when I was in High School), to my Dad ("Tim", aged 58) to me, to Thomas.

Ordinarily we call him T.J. (for Thomas Junior); however as all people who have been small boys know, he gets his full name when he's in trouble. And, as he's two, he occasionally gets in trouble as he tests the boundaries!

I've said this to a lot of people - nothing prepares you for having kids. You can read about it, talk about it, think about it, but the only way to know about it is to have them! My brother Dave once asked why I would have kids. The answer: relationship. I reckon that the Bible tells us that God created us for relationship, not to do work for Him or to share in misery or because He was bored or whatever. You can apply the same to Olivia and I (to the degree that we're humans, not God!). God gave us a natural desire to "multiply". Unfortunately I can't explain it any better than this.

When is it the right time to have kids? I remember that I never wanted to have kids. Olivia and I would talk about it. She was patient and gentle with me. Then one day I felt more of a desire, and could finally see myself with a child (perhaps, I could trust myself being a father). I wonder if this is how it works with others?

T.J. is a beautiful, blue-eyed, curly-haired boy. He's pretty big for his age, which is probably owing to his parentage and the fact he was 11 pound 8 ounces, born. That's big, as Olivia will tell you! He says funny things and sings along to songs and even ads on the radio. He likes the movie "Shrek" and the "Wallace and Gromit" series of animated tales. He plays blocks, and toys, and cars. He has adopted one of Olivia's childhood dolls (we call her Molly the Dolly) and we often play-act with Molly about things that the new baby will do.

It's sad that I can't post pictures, but probably good, because if you've seen my wall at work you'll know that I've got 30 or so photos up. One lady visited my office the other day and asked "How many children do you have?"

My favorite experience of my son to date is going to the farm for his 2nd birthday, just to see the wide-eyed wonder and excitement at, of all things, a train. No, not the myriad animals he had never seen before, but a train painted to look like Thomas the Tank Engine. The great thing is, months on, T.J. still talks about the farm (and the train)!

To my son T.J.: I love you!

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