The Lord Of The Rings

A good summary of online articles and opinions on Christianity and the Lord Of The Rings at The Lord of the Rings and Religion (via Darren).

To give you my two cents: I love these movies, loved the books, and can observe that the Christianity shown is covert rather than overt. One article makes the comment that Tolkien's world operates under Christian principles. I agree with this (looking at the values put forward, the heroes, the nature of choice, evil). I find it hard in my mind to contrast LOTR with Harry Potter (which I am not really interested in) - on the surface, the two might share many similarities: namely, magic and make-believe. However this is not what stands out for me in LOTR.

Why am I not attracted to Harry Potter? Is this me being legalistic? Do I have to see/read Harry Potter to know that I wouldn't like it?

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