Blogs I Visit, and RSS

I used to occasionally go to a list of about 30 of my favourite sites, about once a week, to see if there was new stuff worth catching up on. This gets tiresome (and inconsistent at best) after a while. Gradually I chose my "best of the best" websites, and signed up for e-mail newsletters from the other ones.

Nowadays I don't even have to do that, as I can check on just the updated parts of a site (new articles or entries) when I want for as many sites as I want. This technology is called RSS (I've heard it stands for "Really Simple Syndication"). It's a computer-readable file that can be read by an RSS aggregator (a program that groups all the new items together, under sub-headings). My aggregator is called Bloglines.

Because I subscribe to around 30 websites' RSS, I won't bother to list them all in my "links" section on my blog. I'll just put the ones that are my most-favourite, most-recommended, dog-eared links. Before I remove any of them, though, here's the semi-complete list for your viewing pleasure. The "Feed" represents the RSS (click on it to have a look at what RSS is). Note that the first couple are Christian blogs - the rest are IT-related:

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